I was driving by a transmission shop today and saw a car that looked familiar.  Back when I bought my first car from my uncle I had two options, a 1967 Camaro convertible or a 1968 Camaro convertible.  In my mind there was one determining factor, color.  The 67 Camaro was a butternut yellow that I didn’t quite care for but the 68 Camaro was a manageable maroon. 🙂

Anyway, here are a couple photos of the Camaro that I could have owned (looking pretty nice with only 94K):

1967 Camaro Convertible - Yellow and Black

1967 Camaro Convertible - Yellow with Black Top

1967 Camaro Convertible - Trunk Cargo Rack

1967 Camaro Convertible - Interior

The Super Nova paint gun showed up in the mail yesterday. Kelan seems pretty excited to use it on the Camaro. For a paint gun, it looks pretty stylish!

Super Nova paint gun

Some of the painting supplies showed up yesterday from TCP Global, woop woop!  Now it’s time to order the paint.

Camaro Painting Supplies

This past weekend we sat down and discussed a bunch of specific elements I wanted my car to have.  My friend Kelan, who is painting the car, is pretty good with photoshop and came up with a few quick mockups to help give us ideas. Some of the criteria we ended up with after deliberation:

  1. Grey/Black top combo
  2. Custom Stripe & 383 emblem (really liked the red pin stripes)
  3. SS hood
  4. Front bumper delete
  5. Shaved door locks & antenna (going to leave door handles though)
  6. Blacked-out grill area
  7. Body colored side markers
  8. Chrome rocker panel and wheel well trim delete
  9. 18″ Coy C-57/Boyd Magneato wheels
  10. 2″ drop
  11. Front & rear spoilers

Here’s two mockups, the first is my favorite as it has most of the criteria we ended up with.

68 Camaro Mockup1

Here is the other:

68 Camaro Mockup 2

Updated Rear View:

Tail Lights – Double Lense Tinted

1968 Camaro Tail Lights - Double Lense Tinted

1968 Camaro Tail Lights – Single Lense Tinted

1968 Camaro Tail Lights - Single Lense Tinted

I’ve been tossing around paint color schemes for that past couple of years but have made my mind up. Going to go with a dark grey with black stripes.  My father’s 69 Z28 Camaro was gun metal grey with black stripes and I’ve always liked that combination. My friend Kelan just painted up a couple different greys on a spare car part.

Graphite grey on the left, black in the middle, and dark spiral grey on the right.  I’m heavily leaning towards the graphite grey with black stripe combo.

Here are a few pictures of tearing down my Camaro. The car has been in this state for the past couple of years.  My New Year’s resolution is to get my car painted and moveable under its own power.

68 Camaro with front fenders