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Camaro Update 2-10-13

Posted: February 10, 2013 by dsmhero in 1968 Camaro, Restoration
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Sorry for the late updates but progress has been slow lately.  The front nose piece was in rough shape and full of old mud plus it needed a few holes welded up.  Hopefully I will have to time to start knocking out parts quickly.

SAMSUNGStripped nose piece

SAMSUNGPrevious stud hole

SAMSUNGAll welded up

IMG_20130124_123807_523Getting primed with HoK KP2CF

IMG_20130124_125856_047Guide coat applied while still wet

More to come soon…

I went to a classic car auction in early May that had some nice rides. Thought I would share them…

Well after a busy couple of months, the project has started up again. There’s been a lot of nice muscle cars hitting the roads lately but at the same time it’s only 45 degrees today and I see the snow line considerably dropped on the mountains. I’m sure by July it should warm back up and the rocks will be cleaned off the roads.

The other night took all the painting & sanding materials, and a couple body parts, over to Kelan’s. I’m so excited to get this project moving forward! Anyway, no pictures, just an update.

Here are a few pictures of tearing down my Camaro. The car has been in this state for the past couple of years.  My New Year’s resolution is to get my car painted and moveable under its own power.

68 Camaro with front fenders